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What was Tertullus occupation?
A lawyer.

Acts 24:1

Should A Christian Take Part In War? Installment Seven
Good News Magazine
October 1963
Volume: Vol XII, No. 10
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Should A Christian Take Part In War? Installment Seven

Jesus CONTINUALLY PREACHED about the KINGDOM OF GOD. His message dealt VERY THOROUGHLY with the government of nations. It was intimately concerned with a true Christian's PART in that government. Does THIS Kingdom - then - have ANYTHING TO DO with whether or not a Christian should fight? THE TRUE answer to this question is amazing to most people. Satan the Devil has DECEIVED the whole world about the Kingdom of God and its purpose. Much of this deception has come through the religions of this world. They do not really know or understand what the Kingdom of God is, or what its true relationship is to us today. They have lost the Truth of God on this vital subject. It is time to know for sure just what God's Kingdom is, and what it has to do with whether or not we fight.

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Good News MagazineOctober 1963Vol XII, No. 10