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Who am I: I was a child prodigy, and at the age of 12 I became king over Judah. One of the twelve tribes of Israel has the same name as mine. I was a bad guy and delved in witch-craft and the occult Hezekiah was my father.

II Kings 21

Can You MURDER by STATE Command? - Installment Eight
Good News Magazine
November 1963
Volume: Vol XII, No. 11
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Can You MURDER by STATE Command? - Installment Eight

Is there any power or authority which can overrule God - and change His commandment to read "Thou MUST kill"? Is there any scripture which even implies that God would sanction killing if it were required by a GOVERNMENT? If killing were all right, what about other crimes - would ANY crime be acceptable to God as long as the STATE was responsible? Were the Germans on trial for war crimes right after all - and INNOCENT because the STATE was responsible? HAS GOD commanded Christians to FIGHT for home and country? Has He commanded to kill, destroy and maim? Many theologians believe He has, because of their misunderstanding of Romans 13.

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Good News MagazineNovember 1963Vol XII, No. 11