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What woman visited Jerusalem to see Solomon's works?
The Queen of Sheba.

I Kings 10

Are YOU Concerned?
Good News Magazine
January 1965
Volume: Vol XIV, No. 1
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Are YOU Concerned?
Selmer L Hegvold  

The measure of your conversion is your interest and part in God's mushrooming, worldwide Work, How deeply do you FEEL the mounting problems? This article will open your eyes to more of your responsibility. THE MOST tremendous CRUSADE the world has even seen is under way in God's Work. Gigantic strides in every direction in ever-increasing acceleration have been the keynote of just these past, fleeting months. Knowledge has increased. Millions of watts of radio time have been added. A million-dollar press is pouring out the written Word. Another college, another grade school have been launched.

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Good News MagazineJanuary 1965Vol XIV, No. 1