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Jesus said that the Pharisees were blind guides that strain at a gnat but swallow what?
A camel.

Matthew 23:24

Church of God News - Worldwide
Good News Magazine
February-March 1966
Volume: Vol XV, No. 2-3
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Church of God News - Worldwide

Successful Ministerial Conference. TWELVE Ministers ordained and THREE new Churches! FROM NEARLY every corner of the earth, the ministers of the Living Christ returned to Pasadena this January. It was a splendid gathering. It was a successful Conference. All of the Evangelists and District Superintendents came this year. Most of the Pastors came - especially those who did not get in last year. For the annual Ministerial Conference at Pasadena is now being restricted mainly to the top leaders in God's Work - with exceptions being made to alternate in others from time to time. Outstanding and inspiring reports were given from the Directors of the various overseas offices.

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Good News MagazineFebruary-March 1966Vol XV, No. 2-3