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Jesus said that the Pharisees were blind guides that strain at a gnat but swallow what?
A camel.

Matthew 23:24
The Story Behind The 1966 Envoy
Good News Magazine
April-May 1966
Volume: Vol XV, No. 4-5
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The Story Behind The 1966 Envoy

Beginning an informative series, the Director of Printing takes you behind the scenes at Ambassador College Press. This article helps you to participate in the production of your 1966 ENVOY! WHAT goes into the making of a book? Where do you start? What materials do you need? How about staff and machinery? What size will it be? What kind of paper should be used? How many pages? How much color can you afford? AFFORD! That brings up the toughest questions of all - what will the book cost - how will it be financed!? That's where YOU come in!

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Good News MagazineApril-May 1966Vol XV, No. 4-5
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