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What was placed on Jesus' head at his trial?
A crown of thorns.

John 19:2

1966 Envoy Unique!
Good News Magazine
September 1966
Volume: Vol XV, No. 9
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1966 Envoy Unique!

THE ENVOY - like so many other facets of this burgeoning Work of God - grew over the years from a very modest college annual into its present unique form. It stands in a field of its own. There is no other book of its type in the world! It has served many purposes. It has been student annual - WORLD TOMORROW Brochure-supplement for radio station managers and businessmen - annual report on Church growth - pictorial record of the ministers and their wives - colorful record of the annual Feasts of God, worldwide - etc., etc., etc. Last year the Work had to subsidize The ENVOY many thousands of dollars. This year there will still need to be a small subsidy, despite our doing our own printing arid trying to cut every cost.

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1966Vol XV, No. 9