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What You Need to Know About - Your Children's Toys
Good News Magazine
September 1966
Volume: Vol XV, No. 9
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What You Need to Know About - Your Children's Toys

What is a toy? What are toys for? Just what should you look for in buying toys for your children? Is there a purpose to playing? Are toys wrong for children? Are toys all that important? TODAY the gun ranks as the biggest seller of the toy line! Matched six-guns of the Cowboy and Indian era are often slung low on the hips of a four-year-old outfitted in a space helmet holding a death-ray gun leveled at your midsection. Most popular lately is the fad of secret agent weapons of the 007 ilk. Transistor radios, fountain pens, attache cases suddenly transform into fantastic death-dealers at the touch of a kiddie's finger!

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1966Vol XV, No. 9