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II Kings 18:13

TO BE ENFORCED Ruling on Women's Dress
Good News Magazine
September 1966
Volume: Vol XV, No. 9
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TO BE ENFORCED Ruling on Women's Dress

IN THE September, 1962, number of The GOOD NEWS an article appeared on this subject. It was PLAIN SPEAKING! It said, "In this instruction to the spiritual children in God's Church, your Pastor is making this correction to those who need it, I sincerely hope, PLAIN ENOUGH, and PAINFUL ENOUGH that it shall not need repeating!" But now, four years later, IT DOES NEED REPEATING! And this time I know that the living HEAD of God's Church-Jesus Christ - directs that His AUTHORITY be used, if necessary, to ENFORCE the ruling which comes straight from the very Word of GOD!

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1966Vol XV, No. 9