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A New Feast Site... The
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A New Feast Site... The "Squaw Valley" of the PHILIPPINES

God has opened a beautiful new feast site, this time in the vast mountain reaches of the Philippines. Read about this beautiful spot where God has placed His name! GOD HAS answered our prayers once again! Here in the land of poverty, starvation, sickness and degeneracy, God has opened a Feast site so beautiful that it truly gives us a taste of the wonderful World Tomorrow! The first Feast of Tabernacles to be held in the Philippines was observed in the home town of Mr. Ortiguero in San Nicolas. There were very few members then and it was no problem for the faithful few to move into the sleepy little town and hold the Feasts of God. Thirty-nine attended the first Feast of Tabernacles in San Nicolas in 1959. The next year a group in Mindanao began to keep the Feasts.

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1967Vol XVI, No. 9