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What did God use to make Eve?
The rib of Adam.

Genesis 2:22

Feast of Tabernacles 1967 - Around the World
Good News Magazine
November 1967
Volume: Vol XVI, No. 11
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Feast of Tabernacles 1967 - Around the World

From FOURTEEN locations - around the World - comes news of the Greatest Feast of Tabernacles EVER. Read the dynamic, heartwarming, on-the-scene reports from each area with news of dramatic growth in God's Church, plus a news and picture survey of yet another fabulous site in beautiful Lake of The Ozarks, Missouri. LET'S TAKE A TRIP around the world! Let's attend the Feast again in capsule form, taking a globe-girdling panoramic view of the 1967 Feast of Tabernacles. Not many years ago nearly all of God's brethren attended the Feast of Tabernacles TOGETHER. Except for a very few scattered brethren, all were able to be together as one family - first in Belknap Springs, Oregon, then in Seigler Springs, California and then for seveial years at Big Sandy, Texas.

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Good News MagazineNovember 1967Vol XVI, No. 11