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Portfolio: Ambassador College... California, England, Texas
Good News Magazine
March 1968
Volume: Vol XVII, No. 03
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Portfolio: Ambassador College... California, England, Texas
Good News Staff  

Ambassador College Presents Oratorios: Six Graduate School Degrees Conferred, Graduate School Alumni Grows More Useful Textbooks Produced. Wednesday, January 17, 1968, commencement exercises were held for six graduates of Ambassador, who had completed the necessary requirements for higher degrees. The Commencement address was given by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. He spoke on the problems extant in the world today and the differences between education in the world and education at Ambassador. The candidates for degrees were presented to Mr. Armstrong by the Dean of Instruction, Dr. Hoeh. The degrees conferred included four Master of Arts Degrees - Mr. Leslie McCullough, Mr. Gene H. Hogberg, Mr. Paul Kroll and Mr. Kyriacos Stavrinides. A Master of Arts in Theology Degree was conferred on Mr. Ronald Dart. And one Doctor of Education Degree was awarded to Mr. Lynn Torrance. These six men have now been added to the ever growing list of Ambassador's Graduate School Alumni.

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Good News MagazineMarch 1968Vol XVII, No. 03