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After the reign of what King, did the kingdom of Israel become divided.

I Kings 12:20
Help Your Children Enjoy Their Summer Vacation
Good News Magazine
May-June 1968
Volume: Vol XVII, No. 05-06
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Help Your Children Enjoy Their Summer Vacation
Arthur A Kirishian  

With the summer months coming upon us, hundreds of boys and girls in God's Church will be out of school. Being at home for anywhere from six to twelve weeks, they can often become bored, frustrated, and even a source of trouble around the house. How can you make vacation time more rewarding and enjoyable for your children? EVERY boy and girl looks forward to vacation time with great anticipation. It is a time to sleep in late, play cars in dirt mounds, follow streams of water down cracks in the sidewalks, or run through sprinklers on the lawn. It is also a time to play "hide-and-seek," search out caves and old deserted shacks in nearby gullies, charge across vacant lots with kites, go roller skating, or ride bicycles to nearby parks for a game of baseball or cricket.

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Good News MagazineMay-June 1968Vol XVII, No. 05-06
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