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How were the Gibeonites punished for deceiving Joshua?
They became Israel's servants.

Joshua 9:27

Tomorrow's Campus TODAY!
Good News Magazine
August 1971
Volume: Vol XX, No. 4
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Tomorrow's Campus TODAY!

An amazingly realistic model of the Ambassador College campus in Pasadena as it will look when the Master Plan is complete has been built. Here are the interesting facts behind the construction of this fascinating model, and the VITAL PURPOSE it serves in God's Work. To VIEW this spectacularly lifelike model is almost as realistic as viewing the campus itself from the air and from every conceivable angle! Most of the major buildings and other features shown in this model are in existence today - though many were only dreamed of a few years ago! The Hall of Administration and the beautiful Dining Hall, or Student Center, are now reality; the Gymnasium and Natatorium have been in existence for several years.

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Good News MagazineAugust 1971Vol XX, No. 4