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By what standard was Israel's stay in the wilderness decided?
One year for each day that the spies were spying.

Numbers 14:34

MUST America Police The World?
Plain Truth Magazine
April-May 1970
Volume: Vol XXXV, No.4-5
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MUST America Police The World?

It is the U.S. - not Soviet Russia - that keeps the world from exploding, that holds the KEY to the world's "balance of power." How long can the U. S. continue without faltering? Washington, D.C. At this moment, nearly 1,200,000 U.S. servicemen stand guard on the seven continents and patrol the seven seas. Since 1945, America has replaced Britain as policeman for the free Western World. But very few realize that, in actual fact, the U.S. has in many ways served as world policeman, even policing, to a certain extent, the Communist nations.

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Plain Truth MagazineApril-May 1970Vol XXXV, No.4-5