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Answers to Your Questions About the Foreign Work
Good News Magazine
January-February 1972
Volume: Vol XXI, No. 1
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Answers to Your Questions About the Foreign Work

In this issue, Mr. Ronald L. Dart, Vice-President of the Foreign Educational Service, once again answers your questions about this expanding area of God's Work. Included are reports on conditions facing some of God's people in volatile areas such as Northern Ireland and the Philippines. Q. With a state of virtual religious warfare in Northern Ireland, how is God's Church faring there? Have any of the brethren been hurt? A. Here are excerpts from a letter we received from Mr. David Bedford, Pastor of the Belfast Church. His comments give quite an insight to conditions in the city. One does feel here as if he were in the middle of a war, and, of course it is somewhat that way. Many are talking of a Protestant backlash that is expected to come at any time. Should this happen to any great extent, it will certainly mean civil war, with the British army in between. The streets are constantly patrolled by the army. Those of us living in Belfast hear most of the explosions, and have lain in bed at times listening to the gunfire. I have lost count of the times we have been searched at roadblocks....

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Good News MagazineJanuary-February 1972Vol XXI, No. 1