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Who am I: I owned a slave who ran away. The apostle Paul was my minister. He wrote me a letter which is now one of the New Testament books.

Philemon 1:1-16

STOP THE WORLD...I want to get off
Plain Truth Magazine
August-September 1970
Volume: Vol XXXV, No.8-9
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STOP THE WORLD...I want to get off
Paul W Kroll  

... was the title of a popular musical play a few years ago. And the bulk of humanity's billions would do just that - if they had a chance. Why? What's gone wrong with this world's society? Will we ever have a new world, with changed people filled with new, happy attitudes? EVER heard the words: "A new world's coming - the one we've had visions of - coming in peace, coming in joy, coming in love"? The words of a Sunday school preacher? No. The words of some idealistic philosopher? No, again. Those are words from a song the kids are singing - or were singing a few months ago. Its title? "New World Coming," sung by Mama Cass Elliot. No sex in this song, no hate in this song, no revolution in this song (unless one reads it in to the song). It's about the vision of "A new world coming; And it's just around the bend." Belts out Mama Cass, "There's a new world coming, this one's coming to an end."

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust-September 1970Vol XXXV, No.8-9