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Name one of the prophets who with Ezra urged Israel to rebuild the temple?
Haggai or Zechariah.

Ezra 5:1

What Price PROGRESS?
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1970
Volume: Vol XXXV, No.12
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What Price PROGRESS?

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - RECENTLY I RECEIVED from a well known magazine dealing with mechanical interests a two-page reprint from their magazine. It contained the words of a graduation address delivered at a very large university by the retired President Emeritus of that university. The editor of the magazine said, in a box printed below the text of the address, "We're printing (these words) because they make sense and needed to be said." "These words" were designed to reassure a generation of college graduates who have lost faith in "The Establishment" and see no hope for the future. The Establishment, of course, is the world as it has been set in order by the generations before them.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1970Vol XXXV, No.12