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What two officers of his court did Pharoah put in prison?
The baker and the butler.

Genesis 40

Plain Truth Magazine
January 1971
Volume: Vol XXXVI, No.1
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Robert E Gentet  

Evolution demands that life has grown progressively more complex as millions of years have passed. Yet many LIVING types of animals and plants are essentially the same as their fossil representatives believed to be millions of years old. These "living fossils" pose a serious question to the very basis of the theory of evolution. The time: late 1938. The place: East London, a port on the southeast coast of South Africa. Miss M. Courtenay-Latimer, a curator of the local museum, is surprised to find a strange-looking fish among the catch of a fisherman. The unusual fish is five feet long, weighs 127 pounds, and is steel-blue in color, with dark blue eyes.

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Plain Truth MagazineJanuary 1971Vol XXXVI, No.1