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What was David doing that caused his wife Michal to despise him?
Leaping and dancing.

II Samuel 6:16

Plain Truth Magazine
May 1971
Volume: Vol XXXVI, No.5
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Charles F Vinson  

In the United States the SST (Super-sonic transport) has produced sharp controversy between environmentalists and industrialists. Economists and aviation industry leaders say the nation must build it or give up its leadership in air travel. Ecologists say the price in pollution is not worth it. Britain, France, and Russia have already decided to build supersonic transports. The United States Congress recently cut off further support of the SST. Some authorities think this may be an economic disaster. The race is on to determine which nation is to be the supreme leader of international commercial aviation. As President Nixon said on September 23, 1969: "The supersonic transport is going to be built. The question is whether the world will be flying in American supersonic transports or in the transports of other nations." Nixon's speech formally entered the lagging United States into the great SST race.

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1971Vol XXXVI, No.5