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Who am I: Each day my household consumed 30 measures of fine flour, 60 measures of meal, 10 fat oxen, 100 sheep. I ruled over a kingdom whose people were as the sand of the sea. I was the wisest man that ever lived.
King Solomon

I Kings 4:22-24

UPDATE: And You Shall be Brought Before Kings
Good News Magazine
March 1974
Volume: Vol XXIII, No. 3
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UPDATE: And You Shall be Brought Before Kings
Good News Staff  

IN RECENT years the visits of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to various world leaders have added an exciting new dimension to God's Work. The message of God's soon-coming Kingdom is now going directly to the leaders of many nations. But how did these visits get started? And how are they furthering the Work of God in this pulsating end time? Actually, these personal visits commenced with an unusual series of "coincidences" which started about six years ago. The first such "coincidence" took place when the wife of our office manager in Bonn, West Germany, happened to show a copy of our College yearbook, The Envoy, to an industrialist friend. He, in turn, showed The Envoy to a personal friend of his - King Leopold of Belgium!

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Good News MagazineMarch 1974Vol XXIII, No. 3