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The Church in Action
Good News Magazine
May 1975
Volume: Vol XXIV, No. 5
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The Church in Action
Good News Staff  

Four Hundred Years of Experience Gather for Seminar Thirty-five ministers of the Church in the United States got the year off to a good start with nine days of meetings and workshops at Ambassador College, Big Sandy, Texas. The session was one of a continued series of educational programs designed to help God's ministers serve more effectively. C. Wayne Cole, director of Church administration in the United States, presided with the assistance of Art Mokarow, director of the Ministerial Education and Training Program. This particular seminar was for "veterans" with ten years or more of experience in God's ministry. Collectively they have accumulated over 400 years of experience in preaching and serving people. This wealth of knowledge and understanding was shared and augmented during 2 1/2-hour sessions held twice daily over subjects ranging from "coping with change" to effective preaching and organizing time.

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Good News MagazineMay 1975Vol XXIV, No. 5