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Where did Noah's ark come to rest?
Mount Ararat

Genesis 8:4

UPDATE: WATS in a Number?
Good News Magazine
December 1975
Volume: Vol XXIV, No. 12
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UPDATE: WATS in a Number?
Good News Staff  

This is the story behind a number and a free service more and more of our readers are discovering. The number is 1-800-423-4444, and it enables readers and viewers in the contiguous United States to make a toll-free call to our office in Pasadena, California. Many of you in the United States have probably seen the number flashed across the screen during the Garner Ted Armstrong television show; you've come across it in the Plain Truth and Good News magazines, as well as some of our booklets. It's our WATS number - the fastest, most convenient way to request our literature or services.

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Good News MagazineDecember 1975Vol XXIV, No. 12