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What am I: I am just outside the city of Jerusalem. In English I am called the "Place of the skull". Jesus was crucified on my summit.

John 19:17-18

The Story of the Work in West Africa
Good News Magazine
October 1976
Volume: Vol XXV, No. 10
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The Story of the Work in West Africa
Harold L Jackson  

In 1960, a "mustard seed" was planted in West Africa with the first World Tomorrow broadcast from Nigeria. Here is the story of how it has grown and prospered ever since. Over 1900 years ago, Paul, while in Troas, had a vision in which there stood a man of Macedonia calling, "Come over into Macedonia and help us." Paul and his companions immediately set sail and after reaching Philippi preached to a group of women, one of whom was Lydia of Thyatira. On hearing the gospel preached, she and her household were baptized.

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Good News MagazineOctober 1976Vol XXV, No. 10