Christ Moves Swiftly To Put Ambassador College Back On Track As God's College
Good News Magazine
July 3, 1978
Volume: Vol VI, No. 14
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Christ Moves Swiftly To Put Ambassador College Back On Track As God's College

   The leaven of secularism and materialism was subtly injected into the college that had been built as GOD'S college — as a college DIFFERENT from any other. It was a college UNIQUE in, but not part of, Satan's world.
   During the first three years of Ambassador's life I personally fought and bled and died, so to speak, to keep this leaven OUT — to make it truly GOD'S OWN college.

Intellectual leaven

   God prospered it and it grew. But in the last 10 years the aggressive urge of some to obtain accreditation — to get this world of Satan's ENDORSEMENT — opened the door for this leaven of intellectualism, which pervades this world's higher education, to gain an entering wedge.
   It was not realized by those — and there were a number — who wanted accreditation that Satan had gotten his foot in the door. But those who had known it, during its growing years as GOD'S COLLEGE were aghast when they came to the Pasadena campus after years of absence — men like Leon Walker and others who had been students in the days when it really was GOD'S college. They now found it as if turned from day into night, from the light of GOD'S WAY into the darkness of this world's higher education.
   I never wanted accreditation personally, but I did allow others to pursue it on their sincere but misled assurance that they could obtain accreditation and still retain it as God's college.
   Outside educators, wedded to the leaven of this world's "higher education" — with their Ph. D's — were brought into the faculty. The leaven spread, as leaven always does.

Instructors reinstated

   But now the living Christ has moved drastically to put Ambassador College back on GOD'S track once again, as HIS college.
   Under Christ's guidance and inspiration, I now announce that those former men of God — men who were taught and then did teach, when it truly was GOD'S college, have been reinstalled on the faculty to teach all of the theological and Bible courses. These men include Dr. Herman L. Hoeh, Dr. Roderick C. Meredith, Mr. Raymond F. McNair and Mr. Leon Walker.
   I will have much more to say about this and the early foundational days of the college in the next issue of The Good News.

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Good News MagazineJuly 3, 1978Vol VI, No. 14