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When the two witnesses have finished their testimony, what is going to happen to them?
Beast will make war with them and overcome and kill them.

Revelation 11:7

AICF head discusses history, founding philosophy of 'Quest'
Good News Magazine
August 14, 1978
Volume: Vol VI, No. 17
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AICF head discusses history, founding philosophy of 'Quest'

PASADENA - On Jan. 3 at the meeting of the Board of Director of the Worldwide Church of God Herbert W. Armstrong made the following comments concerning the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation (AICF) and Quest magazine: "I approved both the Foundation and Quest/77. I know that Stanley Rader and Robert Kuhn have been very accurate in predicting the results of their creative efforts. I have personally seen what the foundation and Quest/77 did for me and the Work during my efforts abroad these last three years. I have not read each Quest/77: but I did give my whole approval and authority to Stanley Rader to get the best [outside professionals] and to make Quest/77.

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Good News MagazineAugust 14, 1978Vol VI, No. 17