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Name King Saul's daughter who became David's wife.

I Samuel 18:20

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Good News Magazine
August 28, 1978
Volume: Vol VI, No. 18
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Questions & Answers
Good News Staff  

In Revelation 1:3 I read "...the time is at hand." Will you explain if those words referred to [that time] then, or if they are in any way connected with prophecy from now on? - "This apparent imminence of occurrences predicted in the time of Christ and the apostles has puzzled many. Events clearly placed in end-time settings seem to be presented as just about to happen. Probably this is to be explained by the gradual growth in understanding of the apostles, from an almost childlike confidence that the culmination of God's Kingdom on earth was to occur immediately, to a mature comprehension that God had not (and has not yet) revealed the exact time of His intervention on earth - indeed the Father Himself has perhaps not yet chosen the exact time.

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Good News MagazineAugust 28, 1978Vol VI, No. 18