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Why did Haman hate Mordecai?
Because he did not kneel and pay him honour.

Esther 3:5

Will She Enter the Common Market? Britain's Fateful Decision
Plain Truth Magazine
October 1971
Volume: Vol XXXVI, No.10
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Will She Enter the Common Market? Britain's Fateful Decision

Never have the British people faced a more difficult choice - to join or not to join the Common Market. Heated debate fills the nation's famed pubs and its sharply opinionated newspapers. More of the same is expected in Parliament this autumn, before the final decision is reached. "If we let this opportunity slip, then we must not think that it is going to lie around, waiting for us to pick it up again - because it isn't!" With those words, Britain's Prime Minister Edward Heath voiced his Government's firm resolve to take the British nation into the rapidly growing power center of Europe's Common Market. This time, unlike 1963 and 1967, the Common Market has opened the door to London. There is no longer a veto-casting De Gaulle standing in the way. Now it's all up to Parliament. And the historic vote is due later this month.

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober 1971Vol XXXVI, No.10