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WHY America Is So Generally Disliked By the Rest of the World
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1971
Volume: Vol XXXVI, No.12
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WHY America Is So Generally Disliked By the Rest of the World

Personal from Herbert W Armstrong - IN MY "PERSONAL" article, October-November 1970 issue, written from New Delhi, India, a brief mention was made about the United States bring rather generally disliked in other countries. The beautiful, young and charming Maharani, wife of the Maharaja of Tripura, put the question: "America has given more generous help to other nations, and their peoples, than any country on earth," she first commented. "Not only does the United States give extensive financial aid to many other countries, but when there are national disasters, such as major earthquakes or floods, your country always seems to send generous help. Why, then, is the United States so generally disliked?"

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1971Vol XXXVI, No.12