The Bible is a NOW Book
Plain Truth Magazine
May 1972
Volume: Vol XXXVII, No.4
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The Bible is a NOW Book

What is the Bible? Why was it written? And to whom? Why do so few really understand the Bible? Read this eye-opening article for the surprising answers!

   BIBLICAL ignorance is considered "respectable" today.
   "It is one of the curious phenomena of modern times," reports J. B. Phillips in The Young Church in Action, "that it is considered perfectly respectable to be abysmally ignorant of the Christian faith. Paradoxically, men and women who would be deeply ashamed of having their ignorance exposed in matters of poetry, music, or painting, for example, are not in the least perturbed to be found ignorant of the New Testament" (p. 6).
   And so the Bible has become little more than an obsolete "sacred book" to which most of its devotees pay lip service, but which they practically never read, study, or understand!
   What are the underlying reasons for such widespread Biblical ignorance and lack of understanding in the world today?

Not Even Theologians Understand

   You might expect that atheists and agnostics would not understand the purpose of the Bible. But would you expect that many of today's leading ministers and theologians are themselves ignorant of the Book they profess to understand? Not when you understand that they have assumed as true the theories and hypotheses taught today in the seminaries and schools of theology!
   No wonder the ordinary layman has backed away from the Bible!
   The trouble with most people is that they have taken for GRANTED what other people say about the Bible!
   Most people including church laymen and many in the clergy have not taken the time to really look into the Bible and study it for themselves! They simply have NEVER PROVED what they have come to accept as "truth."

What the Bible IS

   Believe it or not, the Bible was written for our day, this age this generation! The Bible is the most up-to-date book you can read today.
   In the pages of this "Book that nobody knows" are revealed the causes of all of today's ills the social problems, the economic problems, and even the threat of nuclear annihilation hanging over mankind today.
   The Bible shows where world events are leading, and what the final outcome will be.
   The Bible claims to be GOD'S revelation to man of BASIC KNOWLEDGE knowledge of laws and principles which man is unable to discover for himself knowledge which is otherwise utterly inaccessible to the mind of man.
   For example: The law of gravity is not directly revealed in the Bible. God equipped man with the powers and abilities to discover gravity for himself.
   But man has never been able to discover with assurance what he is and why he was put here on earth whether there is a real PURPOSE for human life, or what that purpose is. Man has not been able to discover the true way to peace, happiness, abundant well-being and real success. Colleges and universities, in general, teach students how to earn a living but they almost invariably fail to teach them how to live!
   Maybe you have never thought of it in this way before. But the Bible is God's "instruction manual" to show His supreme creation how to live. Only in the Bible can one find this necessary basic knowledge. God inspired the Bible to be the very BASIS of true education.
   The Bible, then, is the FOUNDATION OF KNOWLEDGE. It gives the true approach to the acquisition of knowledge in the fields of history, education, psychology, sociology and the health sciences. It reveals basic principles concerning business, commerce, science, the arts, law, government, philosophy and religion.
   The Bible also explains the meaning of the chaotic times in which we live. And it shows us HOW peace, prosperity, success and happiness are coming to all the world in our lifetime!
   But ironically, this "Book of all books" is the least known, LEAST UNDERSTOOD of all books!
   Simply because when most people try to read the Bible, they can't understand it. Consequently, they assume it's out-of-date and irrelevant in our modern age.
   People could understand the Bible if they were really willing to study it and accept it for what it says. The Bible is plain and simple. It means exactly what it says. If we take it as it is without trying to interpret its meaning it makes real sense.


   For more than a decade and a half, Ambassador College has been helping thousands to become "Biblical literates" through the Ambassador College Correspondence Course. This unique course of Biblical understanding has led over 200,000 students in nearly every country on earth to a greater knowledge and understanding of the least-read and most-misunderstood book in the world.
   This course is a totally different method of Bible study. It makes the Bible easy to understand and shows how the Bible is RELEVANT to the space age! It is dynamic, down-to-earth. It pulls no punches. It tells the truth straight from the Bible. You've never seen any course like it before.
   The Ambassador College Correspondence Course has been designed to guide you through a systematic study of your own Bible the Bible is the only textbook. It is not a study of men's ideas about the Bible, but a study of the Bible itself.
   Twenty-four different major subjects of vital interest in this fantastic push-button age are thoroughly gone into and made clear with each 16-page, monthly lesson. Each lesson directs you step by step to the plain, simple answers in your own Bible!
   This course helps you find the answers to the really BIG QUESTIONS of life you have always wondered about. It is designed to show the meaning behind today's world chaos, and it helps you to see the very PURPOSE for your existence the reason why you are drawing breath and experiencing life.
   Students from all walks of life are enrolled in this course even including ministers of religion and all are enthusiastically discovering new truth in their Bibles with the guidance of each lesson. They are all learning that there is hope for the future that there are solutions to the seemingly insoluble problems of today. They are learning the keys to understanding Bible prophecy and the principles which lead to success, financial security and a happy, abundant life.

What Our Students Say

   But perhaps you are one of those who thinks, "A college correspondence course is too difficult for me. I'd never understand it." Or, "I'm too old." If you have ever thought that way, you couldn't be more WRONG! This course is designed for people of all ages for YOU! And it makes studying the Bible enjoyable, rewarding the experience of a lifetime.
   Thousands of our Correspondence Course students have written to the Editor expressing their sincere appreciation for their lessons. We'd like to share some of those letters with you, showing how our students are actually UNDERSTANDING their Bibles for the first time, and finding that it is relevant to their own lives here and now! Notice the following letter:

See PDF for student letters.

   You, too, can begin to share these same experiences. You can begin to UNDERSTAND the knowledge that really counts.
   The only qualification necessary for taking this course is the ability to read. No prior college training or other advanced education is necessary, as you have seen. These lessons are so plainly and interestingly written that even a child can understand them. And there are no assignments to send in YOU review and evaluate your own progress right in your own home.
   Remember, there is no tuition cost to you! Your lessons have already been paid for by others who are voluntarily helping to make this vital knowledge available to all who request it. The Correspondence Course is absolutely free.
   Will you let the Ambassador College Correspondence Course make the Bible 100 percent relevant to your life today?
   Do it right now and you won't forget! You'll be glad YOU did!

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Plain Truth MagazineMay 1972Vol XXXVII, No.4