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What do the broken pieces of Unleavened Bread at Passover represent?
The body of Christ.

Matthew 26:26

EUROPE Supergiant of the Seventies?
Plain Truth Magazine
August 1972
Volume: Vol XXXVII, No.7
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EUROPE Supergiant of the Seventies?
Raymond Kosanke  

The European Common Market is emerging to shake the world - economically and politically. Here is the dramatic story behind Europe's return to power. Who would have believed it possible, in the late 1940's, that a United Europe would emerge less than three decades removed from the ruin of World War II? And only 15 years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome. Most would have thought it impossible. Yet it has happened, and is happening, just as this magazine has long predicted. Today, the European Common Market stands on the threshold of unparalleled world power.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1972Vol XXXVII, No.7