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I Kings 18:26-27

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Why No "Peace on Earth"?
William R Whikehart  

It's a beautiful message: "Peace on earth, goodwill toward men. I Here is why man has never been able to make it come true - and how it will be brought to earth in our time! Spring weather doesn't usually come to Washington, D.C. until about mid-April. And Friday, March 27, 1970 was no exception. That day, a cool breeze gently swayed the still barren trees that lined Arlington National Cemetery, the largest military burial ground in the United States. Through the endless sea of white and gray grave markers moved a funeral procession. The color guard and precision drill team, followed by seven beautiful white stallions pulling a flag-draped casket, resembled the ceremony held for the late John F. Kennedy. Only this was March instead of November, and almost seven years later. Just behind the slowly moving entourage, in an official U. S. Army staff car, rode the grieving parents of the deceased. Their son, a young Army helicopter pilot, had been killed just days earlier in Vietnam, another casualty of the war.

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1972Vol XXXVII, No.10