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THE MIDDLE EAST Can Diplomacy Bring Peace?
Plain Truth Magazine
June 1973
Volume: Vol XXXVIII, No.6
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THE MIDDLE EAST Can Diplomacy Bring Peace?
Richard C Peterson  

Pressure is mounting on world leaders to step in and engineer a settlement to the Arab-Israeli dispute. But are the big powers big enough to bring justice and lasting peace to this troubled, vitally important area? Beirut, Lebanon Events of recent months have served notice to world leaders that the Middle East can no longer be relegated to secondary concern. For years statesmen have been preoccupied with Southeast Asia. Yet the agonizing Vietnam struggle could literally pale into insignificance against the perilous backdrop of forces and events now in motion in the Middle East. It is imperative that we understand the problems behind the Mideast crisis and that we recognize the only workable solution! At stake is world peace.

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1973Vol XXXVIII, No.6