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Where did Moses in anger twice strike a rock for water?
Wilderness of Zin.

Numbers 20:11

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Jerry Gentry

The city of San Antonio, Texas, sits like a thousand sparkling jewels below the stars of the south central Texas sky. The city's nearly three quarters of a million inhabitants have lived amidst a plentiful supply of relatively cheap energy from rich oil and natural gas fields nearby." But the era of cheap, plentiful energy for San Antonians, as for most of the developed world, is over. Recently, San Antonio experienced what newspapers called "the most serious energy crisis in the city's history." Here is a step by step account of San Antonio's near disaster, which struck and then subsided within less than 48 hours. Wednesday afternoon, December 19, 1973 San Antonio's City Public Service, which supplies 45,000 customers with electricity and natural gas, was notified of a serious natural gas cutback. The expected 286 million cubic feet per day was reduced to 262 million cubic feet by San Antonio's supplier, to be effective immediately.

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1974Vol XXXIX, No.4
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