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BRITAIN at the brink again
Plain Truth Magazine
April 1974
Volume: Vol XXXIX, No.4
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BRITAIN at the brink again
Tony Morrell

Britain has more than once stood on the brink of collapse - and survived against great odds. Pessimism that future crises may push the nation beyond the point of no return is rife. The Archbishop's voice crackled through the silence of the freezing February night. A grave nation huddled around its radio sets. It was 1947. The Archbishop of Canterbury had come on the air to announce to the people that he may have found the answer to the biggest industrial and fuel crisis to beset the country up to that time. "The answer is that we must pray," he solemnly declared, "and I have created what I call a prayer for survival." Throughout the length and breadth of the British Isles, families listened in silence; heads bowed. The Primate continued, "…have regard we pray Thee, to this nation, oppressed at this time by many burdens."

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Plain Truth MagazineApril 1974Vol XXXIX, No.4
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