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Name the Philistine warrior who was so large everyone feared him.

I Samuel 17:9-10

Plain Truth Magazine
August 1974
Volume: Vol XXXIX, No.7
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This year may well go down in history as "the year of the Devil." Never in recent times has there been such fascination with the occult, psychic phenomena, and the spirit world. Is there more to demons, evil spirits, and exorcism than most people realize? All the demons of hell seem to have broken loose in a frenzied avalanche upon the sophisticated Western world where, ironically, the discoveries of science are thought to have relegated demons, hell, and the spirit world to the limbo of ancient mythology. Since Christmas of 1973, millions of people have queued up in front of box offices to purchase tickets to see a film called "The Exorcist." The movie is so realistic and mind-bending that customers have staggered out, fainting, vomiting, mentally shaken. The movie has precipitated a rash of reported cases of demon possession.

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Plain Truth MagazineAugust 1974Vol XXXIX, No.7