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Revelation 12:4

What's Good About the Energy Crisis?
Plain Truth Magazine
March 22, 1975
Volume: Vol XL, No.5
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What's Good About the Energy Crisis?
Robert A Ginskey  

Just over a year ago. Americans encountered what many hoped was only a bad dream - the energy crisis. The Arabs cut off our oil, and suddenly we were faced with the reality of soaring gas prices, nagging worries about fuel shortages in the winter, and persistent doubts that the economy could emerge unscathed. Now, a year later, the energy crisis is still very much with us, and many of our forebodings about the economy have come true, even if widespread gas rationing has not yet occurred. Like it or not, the energy crunch is going to be present for many years, and indeed, was developing long before the Arabs - convenient whipping boys that they are - made it painfully acute. Of course, the energy crisis is usually considered "bad" - bad for the consumer, bad for industry, bad for the economy, bad for the GNP. But, the energy crisis also has good aspects: The crisis in energy and resources will force consumers to do something unprecedented - consider tomorrow. A forced return to a modest life- style could help bring about more solidarity within the family, neighborhood, city, and nation. If we heed the energy warnings:

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 22, 1975Vol XL, No.5