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Who are we: Our maternal grandfather was an Eygptian priest. Mum's name was Asenath. We ultimately became the possessor of the birthright promises. We were supposed to teach the world God's way of life, but about all we did was to teach them cricket and baseball.
Ephraim and Manasseh

Genesis 41:45-50

AND NOW...Homosexuals Allowed to Wed
Plain Truth Magazine
July 12, 1975
Volume: Vol XL, No.12
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AND NOW...Homosexuals Allowed to Wed

Give them an inch, and they'll take a mile," is only too true, when the "inch" is in the wrong direction. After World War I, morals in this world began to deteriorate. After World War II, they called this moral deterioration the "NEW MORALITY." That, of course, was a play on words for the world to "kid itself" that gross immorality was perfectly acceptable morally. You may call a leopard a house cat, but it still hasn't changed its spots. Since the catch phrase "new morality" caught on, gross immorality has won public acceptance as being right! - In the book of Genesis the incident of the "forbidden fruit" is recorded. Of course that's the point at which humanity jumped the track of sanity and embarked on the way that has brought on this world all its woes and evils.

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly 12, 1975Vol XL, No.12