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Recite the seventh commandment.
You shall not commit adultery.

Exodus 20:14

Seeing Yourself Walk By
Plain Truth Magazine
September 6, 1975
Volume: Vol XL, No.15
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Seeing Yourself Walk By

In the investigation of a sensational murder, police always look for the motive. Many times, in the "who-dunit" novels and motion pictures, the writer purposefully muddles the entire complex plot with dozens of seemingly irrelevant facts. Usually, the actual criminal remains obscured until the very end. He becomes apparent only when some hidden motive is brought to light. Once the motive is known - perhaps it's greed, jealousy, lust, or revenge - the whole picture becomes clear. In this dog-eat-dog competitive world of ours we have grown so accustomed to evil motives on the part of practically anybody from practically any organization and from practically any source - be it personal, social, religious, educational, cultural, scientific, or governmental - that most of us have adopted the idea that "there's no need to worry - NOBOOY is honest anymore."

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Plain Truth MagazineSeptember 6, 1975Vol XL, No.15