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The dragon mentioned in Revelations drew a certain amount of the stars (Angles) from heaven. What amount was this?
One-third of the stars.

Revelation 12:4

Plain Truth Magazine
November 20, 1975
Volume: Vol XL, No.19
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Dennis Dietz  

HOUSTON : The controversy aroused by the publication of The Limits to Growth in 1972 by the Club of Rome has resulted in a series of biennial conferences on alternatives to growth which will extend over the next ten years. The first of the series was held October 19-21 at the Woodlands Conference Center near Houston, Texas, sponsored by the Club of Rome, University of Houston, and Mitchell Energy and Development Corporation. Forty speakers and panelists, experts from various nations, assembled to debate whether physical, economic, social, and political limits to growth exist and what problems and solutions are possible for the future. It seemed to be the general consensus of these experts that limits of some sort exist and that they are already having a negative effect on our quality of life.

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Plain Truth MagazineNovember 20, 1975Vol XL, No.19