The Coming Era of Superweapons
Plain Truth Magazine
March 1977
Volume: Vol XLII, No.3
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The Coming Era of Superweapons

   When people talk about the potential for mass annihilation, they're usually thinking about the specter of all-out nuclear war a nuclear Armageddon which would obliterate man-kind from the face of the earth.
   Many do not realize, however, that nuclear weapons are only a part of man's growing mass annihilation arsenal. Not satisfied with "mere" atomic and hydrogen bombs, science is about to bequeath to mankind a whole new generation of SUPERWEAPONS!
   Several months ago, Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev warned that the level of modern technology is now such that, in his words, "a serious danger arises of the creation of a weapon even more awesome than the nuclear one."
   While there has been considerable speculation about exactly what weapon Mr. Brezhnev had in mind, former U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary William P. Clements warns that "the Soviet Union is investing heavily in several highly speculative technologies which could have a major impact on future warfare."
   U.S. researchers, consequently, are pushing ahead in similar directions.
   Among the "super weapons" currently being talked about, worked on, or, in some cases, already in existence, are:
   "Advanced" nuclear weapons. Scientists are speculating about the possibility of nuclear weapons made from materials heavier than uranium, and therefore more powerful. Also, a scientist at a British "think tank" has proposed the development of a portable hydrogen "mini-bomb" the size of a large softball, which would have almost no fallout.
   Neutron bombs. Unlike nuclear bombs, a neutron bomb would kill people by means of a stream of deadly radiation, but leave machines and buildings undamaged.
   Sound rays. Electro-acoustical advancements in sound pulsation have demonstrated that humans can be totally disoriented by inaudible infra-sound. The military applications of sound rays could therefore become a novel method of human destruction.
   Chemical fireballs. A new generation of incendiary weapons is being developed which produces "chemical holocausts," radiating intense thermal energy second only to that of an atomic bomb.
   Lasers. Military research institutions in both the East and West are in keen competition to apply the laser to military uses. The Buck Rogers "ray gun," concentrating unbelievable amounts of energy into a narrow death ray, is no longer science fiction.
   A recent news headline made the startling announcement, "Russians Use Laser to Knock Out U.S. Satellites." According to several national magazines, one American satellite was destroyed and another "blinded" by powerful Soviet laser beams within the past year. The Pentagon has neither confirmed nor denied the reports.
   Whether this alarming account is true or not, there is no question that an intense race is underway between the United States and the Soviet Union to be the first with operational killer laser beams.
   Weather warfare and earthquake stimulation. The ability to unleash hurricanes and tornadoes (or searing droughts) against one's enemy, or to touch off killer earthquakes in strategic cities, would be a powerful weapon in wartime. These new avenues of warfare have not escaped the probing analysis of the Armageddon-makers of the world.
   Chemical and biological weapons. Just one canister of some of the new high-potency nerve gases is estimated to be capable of annihilating someone billion people a quarter of all mankind! Q fever, a biological agent, is so deadly that less than ten ounces, if properly dispersed, could kill all of humanity!
   Despite the biological and chemical weapons pacts on the books, there is no reliable verification of compliance against their development and production, nor any safeguards against their use. As one military analyst said: "Implementation of the pacts will be unverifiable until the next war." And then, of course, it's too late.
   Other even more mind-boggling weapons of mass destruction are now in the thinking stages in research plants around the world including bombs based on subatomic particles and antimatter.
   What does it all mean? Where is humanity heading? Will these horrifying weapons ever be used?
   Mankind's Armageddon is coming but world peace will not be far behind. You can know what lies ahead, laid bare in the pages of Bible prophecy.
   If you want to know what lies beyond the seemingly bleak future, read our new free booklet The Red Horse: War, the second of the prophesied "four horsemen of the Apocalypse" soon to be unleashed against the world.

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Plain Truth MagazineMarch 1977Vol XLII, No.3