Invasion From Outer Space?
Plain Truth Magazine
December 1977
Volume: Vol XLII, No.10
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Invasion From Outer Space?

   An invasion from outer space by aliens from another planet has long been good copy for science fiction writers.
   War of the Worlds is one such well-known science fiction novel written by H. G. Wells, in which he envisioned Martians invading earth with superior weapons. Even our most sophisticated weapons could not stop the invaders' relentless, systematic drive to conquer our planet.
   But sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!
   Believe it or not, a thorough study of the Bible the written Word of the Personage who says He is the Creator of both man and the earth shows the Bible emphatically predicts that a great and powerful Being from outer space, together with a vast army, will soon descend upon earth and actually conquer it! As in the novel by H. G. Wells, the Bible tells us that the efforts of earth's armies to thwart these invaders will be utterly futile.
   After subduing the nations, this great Being will set up a world-ruling government. The Bible also tells us that those who will rule with Him will be former earthlings who, unknown to the world, had been in rigorous training for this very purpose. For this great outer-space Being has been actively selecting and working with His future administrators for quite a number of years!
   Astonishingly, some of these very earthlings who will soon become a part of, this world-ruling government could be your own friends, relatives, acquaintances or they could be men and women who have been sleeping in the dust of the earth in death. Even the grave is no barrier to this Super-being! He will merely call to His chosen ones to awake from the sleep of death and rise from their graves. It is also revealed that this Being will soon give His hand-picked cadre of world rulers the same type of body He presently possesses a body inherently possessing great power, glory and immortality!
   This great Being, as I you have probably already guessed, is none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth a man who walked this earth about 2,000 years ago. Yet, He was much more than just a man. He was and is the very God who created the earth and mankind!
   Those who will be made immortal and who will rule with Him at His coming are the ones who have diligently lived by the Word of God, after having repented of living contrary to God's will as revealed in the Bible. They were baptized put into the specially called-out group of Christians the Church of the living God having received His Holy Spirit during their physical sojourn on earth.
   Then, with the miraculous help of the Spirit of God, they lived a life of overcoming their selfish lusts and the evil pulls of this world. They strove to resist the influence of the arch-ruler of darkness and the father of sin, Satan the devil and his realm of demon henchmen.
   The government of Jesus Christ will usher in a thousand years of worldwide peace, happiness, abundance and prosperity for all earth's mortals. Warfare, poverty and unhappiness will have become past history. Most of this world's war machinery will be turned into farm equipment, which will be used to produce the bounteous harvests God promises to bestow upon the nations.
   Warfare will be totally abolished in the wonderful World Tomorrow. Instead, men will learn to love their fellowmen and respect the rights of all people.
   Love, joy, peace and happiness will fill that wonderful world, because men will have finally come to realize that the "give way" of the great law of God's truly the way to lasting peace and true happiness.
   That world is just around the corner!
   If you want to know more about the coming world government of Jesus Christ and His administration, as well as how to qualify for co-rulership with its coming King, start the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course. This course of Bible study makes plain the teachings of Jesus Christ and the prophets of old all of whom were inspired of God to write about our time and Christ's imminent return to establish His beneficent rule on earth.
   There are twelve, 16-page monthly lessons in this absolutely free Bible correspondence course. The only "textbook" you will need is your own Bible. A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who pass a thorough final examination. (In addition, each lesson contains a quiz which the student can take to evaluate his progress for himself.)
   So before you do another thing, start the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course. Do it now before you forget!

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Plain Truth MagazineDecember 1977Vol XLII, No.10