MINISTUDY: What It Will Be Like in the World Tomorrow
Good News Magazine
September 1982
Volume: VOL. XXIX, NO. 8
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MINISTUDY: What It Will Be Like in the World Tomorrow

   In last month's study we learned how Jesus Christ will rule the world tomorrow. His righteous government will spread from Jerusalem to the entire world. Reeducating mankind to God's way of life will receive top priority. As the world becomes reeducated, people will begin to experience the blessings that result from obeying God's law of love. There will be peace, cooperation, health, abundance and joy. And the whole world will come to understand God's master plan for mankind.
   That millennial world is pictured by the Feast of Tabernacles, observed every year by the Worldwide Church of God. Let's take a glimpse at what that utopian world will really be like.
   1. What does God prophesy regarding the end-time descendants of Jacob who will have been taken captive into foreign lands? Amos 9:7-11, Zech. 8:7-8, Ezek. 36:8-11, Isa. 27:6.
   At His return, Christ will begin to rebuild the nuclear-bomb-ravaged nations of the earth, beginning with the descendants of ancient Israel. After rescuing them from captivity, He will resettle and make them an example for all nations to follow.
   2. Where will the world headquarters of Christ's government — the capital of the earth — be established? Zech. 8:3, Jer. 3:17. Will it be an example to the entire world? Isa. 62:1-2, 7.
   Being near the geographical center of the land surface of the earth, Jerusalem is the ideal focal point for world control. It will be rebuilt to perfection. No city of the past or present will equal its splendor and magnificence. It will become the future model city — the pattern for tomorrow's cities.
   3. Will the devastated cities be rebuilt? Amos 9:14-15, Ezek. 36:33-35 (read all of Ezekiel 36). Will there be happiness and joy in these cities? Jer. 33:10-11, Zech. 8:4-5.
   Today's vast, pollution-laden, over-populated metropolises are rampant with every kind of evil. These conditions will not exist in tomorrow's cities. Cities in the Millennium will be small enough to promote healthy, happy family life, yet large enough for a proper balance between industry and those essentials that promote healthful living.
   4. When Christ has forcibly put down those who filled the earth with violence and death, will He abolish the fear of war? Isa. 2:4.
   5. Will all nations seek to be reeducated to God's way of life? Verses 2-3. Will people, as they learn of God and His way, begin to cooperate with each other? Isa. 52:7-8. Will the whole world finally come to understand God's way to peace, happiness, abundant living and salvation? Isa. 11:9, Jer. 31:34.
   As we learned in the last ministudy, the coming Kingdom of God will be a literal, world-ruling government composed of immortal, spirit-born members of the Family of God. Under the leadership and direct supervision of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God will restore the laws and rule of God to the entire earth. And Christ's reeducation program for the entire world will bring about a new civilization based on God's way of life — His law of love — resulting in universal peace and prosperity.
   6. Under the restoration programs of God's government, will the old waste places be made fertile, and will beautiful forests spread in the Millennium? Isa. 41:14-20, 35:1-2, 6-7.
   During the coming millennial age, most of the earth's land surface will become productive. Beautiful forests, agricultural areas, fish-filled lakes and streams will be found all over the world, with no more polluted rivers or ravaged landscapes.
   7. Confusion of languages is one of the major barriers to cooperation between peoples. Can you imagine what a world of one language would be like? Think what a huge step forward it would be if people everywhere could speak, read and write the same language. Will God give all the world one pure language so all can serve Him with one accord? Zeph. 3:9.
   In the Millennium, Christ will usher in an era of worldwide literacy and education through one pure language.
   8. Will people own property in the Millennium and reap the just rewards of their own labor? Mic. 4:4, Isa. 62:8-9.
   9. Upon what conditions has God always promised to shower great material prosperity? Mal. 3:10-12. Will God cause the laws of nature to function for the benefit of those who obey Him in the world tomorrow? Ezek. 34:26. Will there be great rejoicing over the abundance of crops and cattle God will bestow? Jer. 31:12. Will there actually be a superabundance of foodstuffs? Amos 9:13.
   The nations will learn that paying God His tithe really works. Obedience to God's laws is what will produce universal prosperity, peace and happiness in the Millennium.
   10. Will city dwellers be afraid to go out in the streets, especially at night, as they are in many large cities of this "civilized" world today? Isa. 32:2.
   A stranger in a lonely place at night will be a source of help, not someone to fear. Under God's system of government and education, human life will become precious in everyone's sight.
   11. What about health in tomorrow's world? Will the deaf, blind, lame and dumb be miraculously healed? Isa. 35:5-6. Will all manner of sickness and disease be healed? Isa. 33:24, 58:8, Jer. 30:17.
   12. What will happen to the Mount of Olives when Christ returns? Zech. 14:3-4. Will the valley thus formed become the channel of a mighty river that will spring from Jerusalem? Verse 8. Will half of this river flow eastward toward the Dead Sea, and the other half westward toward the Mediterranean Sea? Same verse.
   13. Is the eastern channel of this river, from which "living waters" flow into the Dead Sea, the same as the river described in Ezekiel 47:1-12? What will happen to the Dead Sea when this fresh water begins to flow into it? Last part of verse 8. Will the Dead Sea, now so heavily laden with salt and other minerals that no life can exist in it, then be able to support plant and fish life? Verse 9. Will this river also give life to the barren desert places through which it flows? Verse 12.
   14. Does this river of "living waters" proceed from the spot where God's Temple will stand — from Christ's very throne in Jerusalem? Ezek. 47:1, 12, Joel 3:18, last part. Is the Holy Spirit compared to "living waters"? John 4:10, 7:37-39.
   The Holy Spirit, which this physical river pictures, will go forth from Jerusalem and heal all the spiritual problems of mankind.
   15. Will God change the natures of animals in the Millennium so that all creatures will be peaceful? Isa. 11:6-9.
   16. In the Bible God speaks of man's heart as being symbolic of man's mind. What is man's heart — his mind — really like today as it is influenced by Satan, the invisible god of this world? Jer. 17:9. Is man's mind naturally submissive to God and His law? Rom. 8:7.
   17. What does God say He will add to the minds of people in the Millennium to change the basic attitude or nature of man? Ezek. 36:26-27, Joel 2:28-29.
   God will place His Holy Spirit — His own nature of outgoing love and concern for others (I John 4:16, Rom. 5:5) — within mankind. People will then love God and their fellowmen and strive to make them happy. This is what will make the Millennium — the wonderful world tomorrow — the utopian paradise pictured by the Feast of Tabernacles!

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1982VOL. XXIX, NO. 8