Coming - Your Rulership in God's Kingdom
Good News Magazine
September 1983
Volume: VOL. XXX, NO. 8
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Coming - Your Rulership in God's Kingdom
George M Kackos  

Christ is about to restore God's government to this earth, and Christians are to rule with Him for 1,000 years. That's what the Feast of Tabernacles pictures! This series of articles offers a glimpse at your incredible destiny.

   Utopia — the model Society!
   Humanity has always dreamed of living in an ideal world — one with perfect laws, government and social conditions. This ideal world would have lasting peace, abundance and exciting opportunities for all.
   But all man's governments, cultures and social experiments have failed to produce this result. Instead we live in a world filled with misery and increasing evils — a world tottering on the brink of destroying itself!
   Even the dictionary defines the concept of a utopian society as "impossibly ideal."
   But is utopia impossible?
   No! In fact, exactly such a society is just ahead of us now — God promises it! Bible prophecy shows that this earth will be changed into a real utopia, and that you can have a part in making it happen. You can assist Jesus Christ, beginning at His Second Coming, in ruling this world (Rev. 5:10).
   That is the meaning of the Feast of Tabernacles, the sixth of God's seven annual festivals. The Feast of Tabernacles pictures God's spirit-born Family ruling on earth during the Millennium — the Kingdom of God.
   Exciting, isn't it? What a wonderful opportunity it would be to take part in eliminating human suffering so that all can experience true happiness. War will be outlawed. Famine will disappear. Illiteracy will be wiped out. Life will become thrilling!
   What a joy it will be to help create these conditions! Never before has such awesome opportunity for doing good existed. As a glorified member of the God Family (Rom. 8:17-21), you'll be in a position to enforce God's law, which will automatically produce happiness.
   But as a ruler in God's Kingdom, how will you relate to God the Father, Jesus Christ and other members of God's Family? How will you work with human beings under your care? What laws will you teach and enforce?
   Let's explore our future as rulers in God's Kingdom. Let's try to envision the thrill and excitement of being ruling members of God's Family.

Perfect teamwork

   Rulership in God's Family will involve teamwork — working together for everyone's good.
   We will be serving under God the Father (John 14:28) and Jesus Christ (Rev. 19:15-16, Eph. 1:20-22). Those who have qualified during their human lives will hold top administrative positions; David, for instance, will be king over all Israel (Ezek. 37:24). Others will see that the knowledge of God's way goes forth from Jerusalem to all the world (Isa. 2:3-4). Still others will serve as local rulers (Luke 19:11-19).
   Those at headquarters will work together in unity with those ruling around the world. No longer will division and strife among rulers be tolerated. No longer will anyone work at cross-purposes; no longer will anyone compete for recognition, influence or importance. All will be in harmony with God the Father and Jesus Christ (John 17:10-11).
   Each of us will have specified areas of responsibility to diligently handle. A chain of authority will govern everyone's conduct. Most important, godly love will bind us together and flow out to those under our rule.
   Imagine such rulership on a global scale. God's divine power will extend this rulers hip to everyone, not just a few, and unheard-of productivity and happiness will abound (Jer. 31:12-13).

A new way of life

   Destructive trends from 6,000 years of human misrule will be reversed.
   Through miraculous intervention the environment will be changed. Mountains will be lowered and valleys raised. Dramatic climate changes will alter barren deserts, turning them into thriving locations for desirable plants and animals. Miraculous healings will occur and sickness will be abolished (Isa. 40:4, 35:1-7, 9). The very nature of animals will be changed so they no longer harm or fear man (Isa. 11:6-8).
   Once the initial geological changes have been made, the land will be ready for resettling. We will resettle the destitute refugees who survive the Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord and help them begin a way of life they have not known.
   A Temple will be constructed; there Christ shall sit as supreme Ruler (Ezek. 40-42). Jerusalem will be rebuilt, much smaller but more beautiful, with verdant agricultural land just outside the city limits (Ezek. 48:15-19).
   The entire land of Israel will be divinely allocated and families will be given a portion of land as an inheritance, to own throughout the Millennium without fear of losing it (verses 1-7, 23-28).
   Agriculture will become the basis of society. Small, family-owned farms will produce bountiful harvests without soil erosion or the use of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers (Amos 9:13). Proper farming methods, favorable weather and societal respect for farming will bring joy to the farmers of the future.
   Business and industry will still exist, but on a far different scale. The emphasis will be on serving others. For example, beating swords into plowshares (Isa. 2:4) will involve manufacturing equipment for constructive purposes from war machinery that was once used for destruction.
   No longer will huge, impersonal, get-oriented industries pollute the atmosphere, provide monotonous work or waste people's potential. Workers will enjoy their work as they produce quality goods in a safe and stimulating environment.
   Industrial pollution will be halted. Natural energy sources such as sunlight will be wisely used and reusable materials will be recycled, thereby greatly reducing industrial waste.
   Even the source of many raw materials will change. Abundant mineral resources from the oceans will be made available for productive use (Isa. 60:5).
   Cities will be rebuilt, intelligently planned so that people won't experience the problems of overcrowding and separation from the beauty and tranquility of an agrarian society. Cities will be architecturally breathtaking, built according to a divinely inspired master plan (Amos 9:14).
   Economic uncertainty will be replaced by God's financial system, with stability, full employment and job satisfaction. No longer will man be plagued by runaway inflation, excessive taxes and high interest rates.

Humanity's potential achieved

   Happily married couples living in harmony will produce children they truly love and know how to rear. Together these families will enjoy activities that bring them much happiness (Jer. 31:13).
   All of these blessings will result from man's obedience to God's way of life — the way of life that you will help teach them! It will be much easier to teach God's laws then, because Satan's influence will be removed, allowing a right attitude to permeate society (Jer. 31:33).
   As a ruler you will be able to provide people the opportunity to develop their talents through schooling, encouragement and practical experience. Your relationship with humans will include spending time with them in social situations that you'll both enjoy.
   Your rulership will not be some distant, impersonal relationship with humans under your rule or with fellow spirit beings. Not at all. You will enjoy being with them — sharing experiences, discussing ideas, doing things together and making plans for the future (Ps. 16:11, 145:10-12).
   Does all this mean that there will be no problems in tomorrow's world? No!
   Problems from the lingering influence of Satan-inspired human nature will be prevalent at the onset of the Millennium. The warning that some nations will not receive rain unless they keep the Feast of Tabernacles (Zech. 14:17) implies that some will not initially want to obey God.
   It will indeed take time for God's way of life to permeate the whole world (Matt. 13:33).
   The godly power of discernment, though, will enable you to make the right decisions when you're faced with a problem. You'll be able to stop problems before they get out of control (Isa. 30:20-21).

Remain faithful now

   Ruling in the Millennium! Think about this incredible potential you have in your future. Truly, a joyous time of rulership awaits all of us for all eternity. During the days of the Feast of Tabernacles, you'll be hearing more about the wonderful world tomorrow.
   But merely knowing about these things is not enough. You must diligently respond to the calling God is giving you. You must work to develop the attributes of a king by yielding to the will of God (Matt. 7:21, 18:3, Jas. 1:22-25). As a ruler of the future you must look beyond the difficulties now facing you, to your ultimate reward (Rom. 8:18). That is what Jesus Christ did (Heb. 12:2-3, I Pet. 2:21).
   Allow this hope to burn brightly in you, for God's plan extends even beyond what this article has covered. Your rulership shall extend to all the universe that now lies dead, awaiting its time for life (Rev. 21-22)!
   Remember the example of Christ and be obedient to His will. If you do, someday He'll apply these words to you: "Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord" (Matt. 25:21).

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Good News MagazineSeptember 1983VOL. XXX, NO. 8