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A Nation That Sets an Example SWAZILAND
Plain Truth Magazine
October-November 1981
Volume: Vol 46, No.9
Issue: ISSN 0032-0420
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A Nation That Sets an Example SWAZILAND

It is not often we present this kind of article to our readers. We thought you should know the story of a special nation in Africa. In vast parts of Africa famine has brought simple existence to a knife-edge of survival. The promise of her enormous amount of natural resources has been betrayed by drought, international intrigue, tribal and racial strife and political ineptitude. Many severe disappointments are besetting this continent of faded dreams. On such a continent and in such a world, how could Swaziland, one of the smallest countries in southern Africa, play any part in modern thinking?

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Plain Truth MagazineOctober-November 1981Vol 46, No.9ISSN 0032-0420