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Technological Crisis of the 80's CAN THE WEST SURVIVE?
Plain Truth Magazine
June-July 1982
Volume: Vol 47, No.6
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Technological Crisis of the 80's CAN THE WEST SURVIVE?
Michael A Snyder  

Few understand the astounding cause of the paradox facing the West today. Man has harnessed the power of the atom .. He hurls probes to photograph and map distant planets and now prepares to mine the ocean floor. Yet humans live with vermin in major inner-city areas. Violent crime soars in once quiet neighborhoods. And men and women wonder aloud about their future in a world bristling with nuclear weaponry. Why this paradox? Suppose you were to draw a graph of man's social and material progress over the last near 6 ,000 years . There would be two lines, one representing social development and the other technological progress. Each would rise slightly throughout the graph- that is, until the lines reached the period of the last few noting technological progress would suddenly become near vertical, until it finally disappeared off the top of the chart! The paradox of war, violence, crime and poverty contrasts with man's scientific and material achievements. Why? Isn't it time we understood the root cause of this paradox? And the cure?

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Plain Truth MagazineJune-July 1982Vol 47, No.6