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What's Wrong With SCIENCE?
Plain Truth Magazine
June-July 1982
Volume: Vol 47, No.6
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What's Wrong With SCIENCE?

An honest scientist will examine all sources of knowledge before reaching conclusions. But modern science has rejected a vital source of true knowledge. Why? Where has modern Science gone wrong? What is wrong with modern scientific education that we face the ultimate possibility of world destruction through scientific warfare? Strange as it may seem, the scientific world has the attitude that motivated man's first sin! It is the attitude of "I'll find out for myself." Here is what occurred in the first scientific experiment! It all began when the first woman was convinced that she could not trust God to give her right knowledge. She immediately assumed the attitude of finding out for herself. She experimented and found that the fruit of the tree looked good and tasted good and was desirable. So she, considering herself self-sufficient, took and ate of the forbidden fruit (Gen. 3:6). She had performed an experiment and had drawn her own conclusion. She had scientific proof that was demonstrable in that she was able to repeat the experiment to Adam's satisfaction. He also looked, tasted and found that it was desirable. He, too, let scientific experimentation decide his course of action. The result: both died! Science, by experimenting, carefully measuring and cataloging its findings has come upon much physical knowledge. Much of it is helpful to you and me. But science, like Adam and Eve, is unable to discover all knowledge by experimentation. There is vital knowledge left which experimentation will not uncover.

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Plain Truth MagazineJune-July 1982Vol 47, No.6