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What city did Jesus sorrowfully call the "city that kills the prophets?"

Luke 13:34

Inside the New India
Plain Truth Magazine
June 1985
Volume: Vol 50, No.5
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Inside the New India
Keith W Stump  

Here is a look at the India you rarely hear about. India is a puzzle to many people in the developed Western world. Yet it need not be! To the average person in the West, the impression is one of a fragile country in disarray, poised on the brink of calamity. The paradoxes, of course, seem abundant. Modern India is a land of splendor and squalor, of tolerance and violence, of nuclear reactors and belching brick smokestacks, of five-star hotels and sidewalk squatters' huts. But what are the facts? Statistics show that India-the world's most populous democracy is today emerging as a major industrial, economic and military power! Here, then, is the story of the emerging new India-potentially one of the world's wealthiest nations!

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Plain Truth MagazineJune 1985Vol 50, No.5