Why THE PLAIN TRUTH Stands Above Politics
Plain Truth Magazine
July-August 1985
Volume: Vol 50, No.6
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Why THE PLAIN TRUTH Stands Above Politics
Keith W Stump  

This magazine, in more than 50 years of publishing, IS politically unaffiliated. Why?

   The Plain Truth is not politically affiliated.
   It is not "left wing." It is not "right wing." It is not — as some few have assumed — a "tool of Western imperialism."
   It is time you understood where The Plain Truth is "coming from." Please do not assume you know until you have read this article!

Plain Speaking

   One reader wrote in a letter to the editor: "Your pro-British bias is inexcusable!"
   The reply came in response to this magazine's use of the name "Londonderry" instead of "Derry" when referring to that strife-torn city of Northern Ireland. "Early in the 17th century," the reader continued, "Derry was renamed Londonderry by the British. with whom you obviously side."
   Other readers have taken us to task for using (or not using!) "Israel" instead of "Palestine"; "West Bank" instead of "Judea and Samaria"; "Persian Gulf' instead of "Arabian Gulf' — and vice versa; "South-West Africa/Namibia" instead of "Namibia." The examples are numerous.
   Why do we choose the geographic and historical terms that appear within our pages?
   Most of our readers understand that a mass-circulation magazine such as The Plain Truth must use the terms that are most widely recognizable. Virtually all readers are familiar, for example, with the term "West Bank," which designates the disputed territory just to the west of the Jordan River. Significantly fewer, however, realize that "Judea and Samaria" is often used by the Israelis to designate the same region. In preferring the more recognizable term, we are simply taking the, side of clarity. not taking a political stand.
   The Plain Truth has to use terms that are understood by the general readership. This magazine is not taking a political stand every time it uses a geographical or historical term. Those few readers who assume we are making veiled political statements each time we employ a geographic term with potential political connotations are mistaking the entire purpose and approach of The Plain Truth.
   The goal of The Plain Truth is to make its message plain! We do not obscure or conceal our message. We plainly announce what we have to say. Our readers never have to guess.
   The subtitle of this magazine is "a magazine of understanding." It is by the most widely used, clearly understood terms that we can best get across our message to the widest possible audience.
   When articles are assumed to be biased, it is all too often because the reader projects deep-rooted sensitivities onto articles. It is easy to read into articles what was never remotely intended.
   The Plain Truth speaks out clearly and plainly. If a viewpoint or position is meant to be taken, our readers will be left in no doubt. Never will they have to deduce or surmise our meaning based on the supposed "connotations" of our terminology.

Unique Perspective

   But beyond these questions of words and terms lies a much larger issue.
   Where is this magazine "coming from" anyway?
   For the record, there is not — nor has there ever been — a political party or national government or some unknown private funding behind this magazine. The Plain Truth is strictly nonpolitical! No political organization holds the views reflected in this magazine.
   The Plain Truth, in short, stands above politics!
   Why, then, is this magazine sometimes mistakenly labeled a "political instrument"? Why do some few view us as — politically biased or affiliated?
   While The Plain Truth does not involve itself in the politics of this world, we address the same problems and issues that politicians, educators and scientists address the burning, life-and-death issues of our age.
   But there is a major difference!
   Though our views might occasionally coincide with those of a particular group on a specific issue, they are never derived from that group. The Plain Truth's perspective is unique! There is no other magazine' like it anywhere in the world.
   The reason?
   The Plain Truth examines the causes and effects bearing on the issues as God looks at them, based on the revealed principles of the Bible!
   Humanity as a whole has rejected revelation as the source of basic knowledge and understanding.
   The Plain Truth not only reports what's going on, but also "gets it all together" from the perspective of the Bible, the Word of God. No other major newsmagazine uses the Bible as a point of reference with which to analyze global trends and social issues.
   This magazine endeavors to show how Almighty God, as he looks down upon this world, sees the governments and societies of man. We look at the source of the world's problems and their solutions from the vantage point of the Creator God's higher — up "camera angle."
   The Plain Truth has a world view that includes God, who has been long ignored by all too many people. It provides that missing element — that overlooked dimension — in the various areas of human involvement. It goes far beyond the physical, circumstantial or obvious. It provides an understanding of the theological roots and spiritual answers lacking elsewhere. It probes into the heart and core — the spiritual side — of each and every issue, and presents scripturally based solutions! And it shows the significance of current events from Bible prophecy.
   This accounts for The Plain Truth's unique perspective. We look at the world in terms of what the Bible has to say about it. The large, mass-circulation magazines and newspapers of this world are simply unaware of the great purpose being worked out here below. They do not appear to understand spiritual principles and the revealed forecasts of Bible prophecy, which give meaning and perspective to the hectic, fast-paced and complex times in which we live.
   The Plain Truth does!
   Without this understanding, world conditions have little purposeful meaning. Longtime readers of this magazine can attest to the effectiveness of The Plain Truth as a guide to understanding the seemingly complex panorama of world events.

A Message About Government

   Now consider a further point: The Plain Truth is nonpolitical. Yet the heart and core of its message — the message Jesus Christ brought — pertains to government!
   Few realize that the gospel ("good news") of Jesus Christ was — and is — a message about government! Jesus Christ was intensely interested in government. He announced the restoration of God's government. His message was about a government that will one day — soon NOW — RULE THE WORLD!
   Jesus' gospel was not simply a message about himself, as many today believe. It was a gospel of good government. It was the "political platform," if you please, for his coming kingdom — a government destined to rule over the whole earth and over all nations.
   It is that same gospel this magazine is commissioned to proclaim (Matt. 24:14; Mark 13:10; 16:15). This is good news that no other magazine is announcing — or can announce.
   Look at this world's governments. No government in all history has ever achieved lasting peace and prosperity in its own territory, All man-made governments have, at some point, failed either from within or from without!
   This world's leaders, cut off from God, have not perceived the way that leads to peace. They may have done what is right in their own eyes, yet in so doing have not brought to their countries the solutions to evils that beset mankind. Nearly 6,000 years of human history have demonstrated that "the way of peace they know not" (Isa. 59:8),
   The reason?
   This is not a world or civilization of God's making. This is Satan's world! Satan is the invisible "god of this world" (II Cor. 4:4). He has deceived the whole world (Rev. 12:9), He is the author of its philosophies and its imperfect systems of government — too often based on competition and strife, greed and vanity, exploitation and aggression.
   At their heart, the misled governments of this world are irreparably flawed!
   For this reason, it is not the Christian duty to strive to make this world — Satan's world — a better world. It is impossible to mold evil into good.
   Jesus did not enter into this world's politics, nor did his disciples. He did not try to reform or overthrow Caesar's government. He did not try to make this a better world. Rather, he preached about a radically different world to come and called his followers out of participation in this world's imperfect, humanly devised politics! He said, "My kingdom is not of this world" (John 18:36).
   Christians are called to be separate from this world and its political, religious and social affiliations (II Cor. 6:17), and to live instead by every word of God (Luke 4:4).

Ambassadors for Christ

   Understand this: Jesus' disciples true Christians — live physically in this present evil world, but they are not of it (John 17:14-16). They are, in a sense, spiritually foreigners. The true Christian's citizenship is in God's kingdom and is temporarily reserved in heaven for him until God's kingdom is established on earth (Phil. 3:20; I Pet. 1:4).
   A Christian is, in effect, an ambassador for Christ and his coming kingdom (II Cor. 5:20). He lives on earth as a representative of that kingdom, obeying human governmental authority and, where there is a conflict with the higher laws of God, submitting to the penalties of man's law (Acts 5:29), but taking no part in its politics.
   This magazine is a product of the publishing arm of a globe-girdling, God-ordained work of witness and warning to this world. It represents the coming kingdom of God, soon to be enforced on this earth. In that capacity, it must remain — and does remain — strictly nonpolitical.
   Thus, The Plain Truth IS government affiliated, but not with any human government of this world. It represents and announces the coming of a new age, a new civilization and a new government, when all peoples will learn the way that brings peace and prosperity.
   The Plain Truth and those who produce it are concerned for all peoples, everywhere. Our mission, as ambassadors of Christ — as advance emissaries of his kingdom — is to put this world into perspective and proclaim to all nations the good news of soon-coming global peace and prosperity. The petty personal and political squabbles and issues of the present day are largely irrelevant to the great message of hope this magazine announces!
   That is where The Plain Truth is "coming from"!

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Plain Truth MagazineJuly-August 1985Vol 50, No.6