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What am I: I am a place of safety for anyone who accidentally killed another. A person who caused an accidental death could take refuge with in my walls, until he stood before the congregation on trial.
City of Refuge.

Joshua 20

3 Million Letters - Here's How We Handle Each One Personally!
Tomorrow's World Magazine
April 1971
Volume: Vol III, No. 04
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3 Million Letters - Here's How We Handle Each One Personally!

News of the Work - MULTIPLE thousands of letters pour in daily to Ambassador College! In fact, response to The WORLD TOMORROW program (and Ambassador's mass-circulation advertising) brought a deluge of nearly three million letters last year, just in the United States alone. That was a half-million letters mere than the previous year - and mail response continues to grow! Who reads and answers all those letters? What is involved in processing so much mail? It takes many people, and much equipment, time and training_ The huge influx of mail long ago. grew to the point that Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong were no longer able to answer all mail addressed to them.

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Tomorrow's World MagazineApril 1971Vol III, No. 04