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What did David do to calm King Saul's evil moods?
Played the harp.

I Samuel 16:23
Ancient Israel - Lecture 17 - The Tribal Society of Israel after the Conquest
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I'd like to make sure that I can cover the material assigned for today, I don't know what happened to my sense of timing on Friday, but it just went out the window and I actually left a good deal of that lecture uncovered which I will have to introduce it selected of the points. I think I can do that without having to backup and go through it in the order I originally intended. So let me turn first of all to the matter at hand today, which is an examination of the society of Israel during this period that explains why it is indeed appropriate to call it the tribal period, simply because of so many of the features on to which they lived which are typical by the way of tribal systems.

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Lecture Date: 1986-1987